The Truth About “Severe Service” Kits

Let’s be honest. The Customer Service Team at Timbren gets calls from customers all the time who think the load they’re hauling requires a “severe service” kit. Somehow they think ‘more’ is better. The truth about “severe service” is… not everyone needs it!

You may ask, “What’s so special about a severe service kit?”

Good question. The secret of a severe service kit is found in the style of the hollow rubber spring. Most rubber springs used on pick-up trucks are double-convoluted, providing a perfect blend of capacity and ride quality. But the rubber springs used for “severe service” are single-convoluted. Unless you’re hauling a slide-in camper or using a salt spreader, you do not need a severe service kit.


Compared to the double-convoluted style, single-convoluted springs are shorter and wider, designed to resist weight more aggressively. The result is reduced ride quality in exchange for more stability.

So, here’s the truth of the matter:

“More” is not always better! Using a severe service kit when one is not required will compromise your ride. Be sure to choose the appropriate Timbren SES (Suspension Enhancement System) kit in order to maximize stability and ride quality.