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Timbren SES

The Toughest Helper Spring in the Industry

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Building a better, more efficient suspension – one that isn’t dependent upon older, more conventional technology…

Timbren Industries began with the premise that suspensions could and should work better. This basic foundation continues to govern the development of new ideas.

Our Full Story

Canada's Leading Manufacturer of Suspension Upgrade Parts

Timbren is a Canadian-owned and operated manufacturer that specializes in suspension upgrades for the F150, Sierra, Ram, and many other makes and models. We also produce and sell a variety of independent suspension kits for trailers and campers, called axle-less suspensions. When you consider the many uses of our suspension upgrades for pickups and trailers, like improved front suspensions for snowplow blades and upgraded rear truck suspensions for hauling heavy trailers and salt spreaders, you begin to see how Timbren Canada is the one-stop-shop for your suspension needs.

More About Our Products

Suspension Upgrade Kits

Our suspension upgrade kits include rubber helper springs designed to keep your truck and load even and steady at all times. They prevent roll and sway which can be very dangerous when driving down the road. Use the front suspension upgrades to improve your truck’s handling with a snowplow blade. Put on a rear suspension upgrade for that heavy salt spreader and turn your truck into winter’s worse nightmare.

Independent Suspensions for Trailers

Our Axle-less trailer suspensions are designed to allow your trailer tires to move independently of each other or, in other words, an independent suspension. What are the benefits of having an independent suspension on a trailer? Practically endless but here’s a short list of uses:

Active Off-Road Bump Stops

Active Off-Road Bumpstops, simply put, were designed to allow for the suspension to deflect the harsh off-road bumps while providing a cushioning response when the suspension bottoms out. Our Aeon rubber springs provide a progressive spring rate that reduces stress on your body and your vehicle from jarring dips, crevices, and rocks when boldly taking your vehicle where most vehicles dare not tread.

O Canada!

As a Canadian-owned business and site, you get the satisfaction of knowing your new suspension parts are made in Canada, shipped from Canada, and Canadian taxes mean your tax dollars stay right here. Shop Timbren suspension parts and support a Canadian business, homegrown in your backyard.