One thing that always brings success – Part 4

If you’ve been following along for the past 3 weeks, you’ll know that last week we discussed Timbren’s commitment to quality.

And that’s great.

But in order for Timbren to continue on successfully for the next 50 years, they’ll need to stay committed to innovative Ideas.

New ideas

Since the beginning, Timbren has worked with its customers to design creative alternatives for trailer suspensions.  To a large extent, these unique ideas developed from Timbren’s focus on rubber spring technology.

For the past 20 years, Timbren developed suspensions for light duty trailers. Each new proprietary design is thoroughly scrutinized and sent to the General Motors Automotive Center for Excellence (ACE) at the University of Ontario for further testing.

Timbren remains focused on Strength, Stability and Ride Quality.

Here are 2 trailer suspensions you won’t find anywhere else:

  1. Axle-Less
  2. Silent Ride
Axle-Less:  The first of its kind

Timbren’s award-winning Axle-Less suspension continues to attract the attention of trailer manufacturers around the world.

The Axle-Less suspension is a perfect example of Timbren’s commitment to providing the marketplace with innovative ideas.

This totally unique design is the first of its kind. What’s so great about it?

No thru-axle!

How is that possible?  Timbren’s proprietary design using rubber spring technology makes it possible.  And when there’s no axle, suddenly you enjoy certain advantages:

  1. No frame restrictions
  2. Quieter, softer ride
  3. Easy Installation

For more information on the Axle-Less suspension click here

Silent Ride:  The smoothest trailer suspension on the market

Quiet and smooth. These two words describe the Silent Ride trailer suspension. Any clanking and banging sounds are silenced. Rough and uneven towing quickly evaporates.

The walking-beam design is a critical element. It allows the suspension arms to freely flex (articulate?) around the pivot point, ensuring that the tandem Silent Ride has full equalization i.e., all 4 wheels are on the ground at all times.

Once again, the Silent Ride suspension is a great example of Timbren’s rubber spring technology in action. And its rugged design ensures it can endure Canada’s harsh climate and the rough terrain of the Australian outback.

For more information on the Silent Ride suspension click here.

Happy 50thAnniversary, Timbren! Thanks for your commitment to quality and innovation. May you continue to rock the automotive world with great products for the next 50 years.