One thing that always brings success – Part 2

Last month, we announced that Timbren turned 50 this year. We talked about the one reason that kept our doors open for 5 decades:

Our team of experts remain committed to 3 things:

  1. Better Products
  2. Superior Service
  3. Inovative Ideas

This month we focus on…

Timbren’s Commitment to a Better Product

In the beginning, Timbren focused on an amazing little “rubber boot” registered under the name Aeon®  What made them so amazing?

They could deflect just like a spring!

Before long, manufacturers of heavy-duty trucks and trailers began using these hollow rubber springs.

Hoping to address 2 ongoing problems – poor ride quality and broken leaf springs – they discovered that Aeon® hollow rubber springs did the trick.

The small band of dedicated employees  felt confident that Aeon® hollow rubber springs could and should be introduced to the light-duty market, as well.

Just about everyone who owned a pickup truck, van and SUV – domestic or import – needed a helper spring to stabilize the vehicle and improve ride quality.

The first few kits, a combination of metal brackets, Aeon® springs and assorted fasteners, fit almost any one-ton work truck.

But the “one-size-fits-all” system had its limits.

In an effort to fit virtually every light-duty vehicle on the road, every make and model had to be measured –  front and rear suspension – and assigned a custom kit.

Not only that, the selection of Aeon® rubber springs had to be expanded.  Size and shape became a factor when designing kits for the front end. And the rear needed a greater selection of weight capacity.

Timbren’s commitment to offer the world a better suspension helper resulted in well-over 400 kits, most of them designed to replace the original bump stops.

Giving the Product a New Name

As the number of specific applications grew, so did the need for a proper name for the product.  People would phone us wanting to buy a set of “Timbrens.”  But Timbren was the name of the company – not the product.

So, after much debate and discussion, the product was named SES… an acronym which stands for “Suspension Enhancement System.”

There’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” approach when you’re talking about Timbren SES products.  All of the 400+ upgrade kits reflect a careful combination of the best components for each specific application.

As long as automotive companies continue to introduce new models to the marketplace, Timbren will continue to respond with an SES kit made specifically for the latest applications.

What does this all mean for you, the consumer?

Needless to say, you have a great selection of SES kits to choose from. All the hard work is done. You simply remove the bump stop and bolt the SES kit in its place.

Nothing could be simpler… or easier.

Next month:  Commitment to Quality Service