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Slay The Snow Without The Sag and Squat

Is it time to upgrade your front suspension?

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Upgrade your snow clearing experience with Timbren SES

Let’s face it, snowplows are heavy. When mounted to your truck, they hang out in front of the axle causing the front end to sag and squat. The added strain of a heavy plow will reduce your truck’s brake function and put unnecessary stress on your suspension. Over time, this can cause serious damage. The good news is that an easy-to-install Timbren SES kit will correct the squat by lifting the front end to its original height. Naturally, this helps to distribute the weight of the plow more evenly. Without the added stress on your suspension and brakes, you can safely hit the ground running without worrying about front-end damage, expensive repairs, and costly down time. Stay out of trouble by installing a Timbren SES kit on the front of your plow truck.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy installation
  • Zero maintenance
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Improved steering
  • Better traction
  • Maximum front end clearance
  • Worry-free plowing!

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What Our Customers Say

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Installation was easy and only took a few minutes! I'm excited to see the difference! The 1/2 ton truck struggled with a large plow and this should make a big difference

- @Brian
Test Image 2

I think they work great. I have them on all 4 corners of my Ford. Really helped the front with the plow on.

- @Super Mech

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