Three Words that Spell “Revolutionary”

By themselves, these three words aren’t revolutionary at all. In fact, they’re pretty ordinary.

But when combined and processed into one simple idea, they become extraordinary.

What are the three words?

Hollow. Rubber. Springs.

More specifically, I’m talking about Aeon® hollow rubber springs. (If you haven’t seen an Aeon®hollow rubber spring, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about.)

Aeon® hollow rubber springs are the heart and soul of every Timbren SES product. Almost every SES kit replaces the OEM bump stop – the one that comes with the vehicle.

What the Aeon® hollow rubber spring does for a truck suspension under load is nothing short of miraculous.

Besides Automotive applications, Aeon® hollow rubber springs are also used for military applications, Agriculture and Mining.

Here are the properties that make Aeon® hollow rubber springs so revolutionary:

  • Progressive spring rate

Aeon® hollow rubber springs automatically adjust to the load. In other words, the more the load increases, the more they resist, keeping the loaded vehicle level and stable at all times.

  • Self-Damping Properties

Aeon® hollow rubber springs are able to reduce shock and vibration, enhancing ride quality even under the heaviest loads.

  • Vibration Isolation

Due to its ability to dampen shock and vibration, an Aeon® hollow rubber spring can reduce the transfer of energy

  • Maintenance Free

Aeon® hollow rubber springs require no upkeep

  • Lifetime Warranty

Every Timbren SES kit is under warranty for as long as you own the vehicle

Join the quiet revolution in suspension technology.

See for yourself how Aeon® hollow rubber springs can suddenly change the way you experience pulling heavy loads forever.