Universal applications: Most popular ‘one-size-fits-all’ for rear axle

This post is a continuation of last week’s article on universal kits

Universal kits work on pickups with straight-axle suspensions. An L-shaped bracket side-mounts to the frame, positioning the Aeon® rubber spring between the U-bolts.

*If the truck has a channel frame, be sure to weld extra support where the L-shaped frame bracket bolts to the frame.

Image of the kit UR350 for the rear axle of a 1-ton pickup:

PART # UR350

Medium and heavy-duty trucks

Universal kits also work on medium and heavy-duty trucks. The most popular rear axle kits? URMDB and REY001A. Both kits install the same way. However, the REY001A works best on tow trucks with tandem Reyco suspensions.

Welding and drilling required. It is recommended that the Aeon® rubber spring be positioned to sit on top of the existing U-bolts.

Below is an image of the REY001A and the URMDB: