Filling the gap between torsion and air

When it comes to suspensions for small trailers, there has always been a gap between the less-expensive torsion axle and the more expensive air-ride system.

Ok… Let’s talk about that gap.

Here’s the thing:

The cheaper suspensions – leaf spring and torsion – offer poor ride quality, while the more expensive air-ride provides superior ride quality.

In order to get better ride quality, you had to pay for it.

Here at Timbren we asked ourselves: How can we provide an alternative suspension that rides like air but without the cost?

We believe that the Silent Ride suspension fills that gap.  This simple, cost-effective trailer suspension outperforms rubber torsion, while providing ride quality similar to air!

Its unique design of metal and rubber is nothing short of genius. The combination of a metal control arm and 2 Aeon® rubber springs creates a suspension that rides smoothly and stands up under the most challenging conditions

Up until now, single-axle suspension capacities have ranged somewhere between 2000 – 7,000 lb.

But here’s something even better…

The new single axle Silent Ride 8K suspension delivers the same advantages as the earlier 7K with a number of added benefits:

Low ride height
  • Maintains a 15”or less frame-to-ground clearance
  • Low center of gravity
  • Improved stability
  • Easy loading and unloading, ideal for horse trailers and car haulers
  • Ride is quiet and smooth even with lower ride height
Modular assembly
  • You have more options for Axles: 4”-6” drop
  • You have more options for larger tires, hubs and brakes
  • Suspension is maintenance free: aside from the wear and tear after putting on the miles, there is absolutely no upkeep
  • High Durability: The 8K Silent Ride elevates the suspension to a much higher category

If you’re looking for an upgrade from the conventional torsion axle without committing to the cost of an air-ride system, Timbren’s 8K Silent Ride trailer suspension fills the gap.