Anatomy of an Aeon® Rubber Spring: Triple convoluted

Timbren’s rubber springs provide a reliable alternative to metal and air springs. Aeon® springs improve suspension performance both as a sole suspension and as a spring helper.

Hollow rubber springs come in many shapes and sizes: Some round, some rectangular and some wedge-shaped.

Aeon® Rubber Springs have unique features such as:

  • Variable Spring Rate
  • Self-Damping Properties
  • Vibration Isolation
  • Maintenance Free
  • Simple Application

Today, we’re going to focus on triple convoluted hollow rubber springs.

Triple convoluted rubber springs

The taller a hollow rubber spring gets, the more unstable it becomes. Due to their height-to-width ratio, a triple-convoluted spring is not as stable as a single or double convoluted spring, but they are more shock-absorbent.

Nowhere has the self-damping properties of Aeon® springs been more obvious than with triple-convoluted springs. Unlike single-convoluted springs that maximize stability, triple-convoluted springs do the opposite maximizing ride quality and shock absorption.

For this reason, triple-convoluted springs are rarely used on a truck suspension. Instead, they are used mostly on machinery to isolate and absorb vibration.

For example, triple-convoluted Aeon® springs provide a useful solution for the snow-removal industry.

Instead of being used as a suspension helper, they’re installed on the plow itself. This helps to reduce the wear and tear of a large wing-blade.

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