Anatomy of an Aeon® Spring – Part 2

Aeon® spring: Single Convoluted

Aeon® hollow rubber springs come in many shapes and sizes. Some are round, some are rectangular and some are wedge-shaped.

Round Aeon® springs come single convoluted, double convoluted and triple convoluted.

As the image above suggests, we’re going to talk about round, single-convoluted, hollow rubber springs.

Single Convoluted:  Just because they’re smaller and shorter, doesn’t mean they’re weaker. Nor are they inferior to any of the other Aeon® springs.

In fact, the single convoluted spring has many advantages over the double and triple kind:

  • They’re amazingly stable

Single convoluted springs are much shorter than their double and triple counterparts. Furthermore, most of them are wider than their height. For example, the ever popular A170 is 3 3/8 inches wide, but only 2 3/4 inches tall.

In other words, the taller a spring gets, the less stable it becomes.

  • They’re incredibly strong. Below is a deflection curve for a single convoluted Aeon® part # A0103B-75. Even though it's only 3 1/2" in height, it maxes out at 6,500 lb!

As you can see, single convoluted springs have a much shorter deflection curve compared to double or triple convoluted springs. Which is why they handle the load more aggressively. For this reason, they’re used on severe service vehicles – snow plows, tow trucks, slide-in campers, etc.

  • They’re extremely adaptable

Single convoluted springs such as the A180-75 fit into tight spots where there isn’t much room for a helper spring.

Furthermore, they work well in tandem with other springs, especially on some of our trailer suspensions.

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