Stronger than Steel! Seriously?

Can a helper spring made from natural rubber be stronger than steel?

We say yes!

Here’s why:

One unique characteristic of Aeon® hollow rubber springs is their progressive spring rate. As the load increases, the more they resist the load.

Eliminate Sag and Bottoming Out

Leaf springs deflect under load in a linear fashion, which causes sag and bottoming out. Aeon® springs deflect progressively, keeping the vehicle level at all times.

Prevents Broken Springs

If you add Aeon® hollow rubber springs to the suspension mix, you will lengthen the life of the leaf springs. Keeping the vehicle level reduces the stress on the suspension and prevents the leaf springs from breaking.

More Reliable Than Air

Another unique characteristic of Aeon® hollow rubber springs is something called “hysteresis.” In other words, Aeon® springs have the self-damping ability to absorb road shock.

Here are a few reasons why they’re more reliable than air:

Stabilizes Air Ride

Unlike air suspensions, Aeon® rubber springs do not need pipes, hoses, compressors or shock absorbers to help maintain stability. In fact, they’re used to help stabilize and protect an air ride suspension.

Reduces Roll and Sway

Air ride suspensions can’t adjust quickly enough to roll and sway on large, heavy trucks.  Aeon® springs significantly reduce roll and sway, and help to stabilize the entire vehicle.

Controls Axle Hop

Aeon® hollow rubber springs smooth out the ride, especially on rough, uneven roads. This reduces stress on the suspension and improves the ride.

Are Aeon® hollow rubber springs are stronger than steel?

Find out for yourself!