Off Grid Trailers: The Switchback | Axle-Less Off-Road Trailer


Orange and Black Switchback

Canadian-based company Off Grid Trailers was founded in 2010 to meet the market demand for smaller trailers you could take off-roading. Off-Grid Trailers (OGT) wanted to make off-road trailers, but they also wanted to stand out in the market. To make a truly high-quality product, they’d need to approach trailers as nobody else had.

OGT started innovating trailer designs. The first thing they did was ditch the conventional trailer construction. Older trailers were commonly built using a wood frame and putting aluminum siding around it. OGT changed their frames from wood to aluminum, so these all-metal frames would be lighter and more resistant to mildew and mold. The original prototypes for two of their camper trailers, the Expedition and Pando, were all-metal trailers. They boasted not just all-aluminum frames, but countless other features to completely transform your off-roading experience. These features were refined even further in the second generation of these trailers.

Black Switchback Trailer by Off Grid

In addition to ongoing improvements to the Expedition and the Pando, OGT revealed an all- trailer: The Switchback. This off-road trailer fulfills a previously unmet niche in the market. A switchback is a winding path, and like its name suggests, The Switchback is designed for more agility on the trail, thanks to its smaller, lightweight frame.

The Switchback isn’t just more portable and agile. This tow-friendly travel companion comes complete with a unique tent-topper layout, and also includes OGT’s regular accommodations: solar power, a slide-out BBQ, and Jeep-matched wheels. All these features together make The Switchback perfect for anyone who wants the comforts of OGT’s Expedition, but in a smaller, lighter package.

Covered Switchback trailer by off Grid

Here's a better understanding of what you can get with OGT’s all- Switchback:

Galley Configurations

  • Switchback S (side galley)
  • Switchback R (rear galley)

Standard Features

  • 265/70/17 AT Tires
  • Timbren 3500HD Axle-Less suspension with 4-inch lift, 12-inch Electric Brakes and Hopkins break away with battery backup
  • Domestic stainless steel dual burner stove
  • 35L domestic fridge
  • Powder-coated aluminum body construction
  • Single 12V deep cycle group 31 battery, twin dual USB outlets and digital voltmeter display
  • LED lighting package
  • Onboard charger
  • Solar ready port
  • 2-inch ball hitch
  • 2 lb. Strike First fire extinguisher

Optional Features

  • Bluetooth Stereo System with Dual Marine Speakers
  • Fridge Upgrade
  • 360 Degree Max Coupler Hitch
  • Storage Package
    • Slide out for BBQ
    • Pot & Pan Compartment
    • Mini BBQ
    • Front Storage Tray
  • Spare Tire Package
    • Stabilizing Jacks
    • Aluminum 17x8.5 Wheel (6.55 bolt pattern)
    • 267/70/17 AT Tire
  • Electrical Package
    • Dual Group 31 Batteries
    • 1000W Inverter & Remote
    • 10V Gang Outlet
    • Options upgrade to 1750W Modified Sine Inverter, 1000W Pure Sine Inverter or 2000W Pure Sine Inverter
  • Water Package
    • 31-gallon water tank
    • Stainless steel sink
    • Hot water on-demand
    • Outdoor shower

Off Grid Switchback trailer being hauled down hill

You might have noticed is that OGT uses Timbren’s 3500HD Axle-Less suspension in their Switchback. The “HD” in our axle-less suspension stands for “Heavy Duty”. The HD suspensions were specifically designed for off-road trailers, and they excel at weathering the intense demands off-road/overland driving places on them –the exact kind of trails Switchback owners are looking for.

Underview of Off Grid Switchback Trailer

OGT did their research, and they k that installing Timbren’s Axle-Less suspension on all-their off-road trailers was the smart choice. For more information, you can visit the Off Grid Trailers website:

You can also get a closer look at the Axle-Less suspension here.