Choosing The Correct Axle-Less Trailer Suspension for Your Off-Road Trailer

How to Choose the Correct Axle-Less Trailer Suspension for Your Off-Road Trailer

If you’re building a trailer and consider what suspension to go with, you have to consider what suspension type the trailer needs. Maybe an axle-less trailer suspension as caught your eye. If you need help choosing the right axle-less suspension for your trailer, we’ll help.

Where Do You Start?

Whether you’re building your own trailer from scratch or trying to retrofit suspension on an existing trailer, the process is still the same. The first thing you need to do is check your trailer’s combined weight –that’s the weight of the trailer and all its cargo. For the most accurate reading, use the truck scale at a local weigh station.

If you’re building a trailer, the process is a little different. Since you don’t have a complete product yet, you’ll need to tally the weight of each piece of your trailer, as well as each individual cargo and accessory. To make it easier, you can use a metal weight chart to determine the weight of your trailer parts.

Blue truck hauling off-road trailer with axle-less suspension

The Formula for Your Suspension

Once you have the combined weight of your trailer, cargo, and accessories, all it takes to determine the right axle-less suspension is a simple formula. Take 20% of your trailer’s weight and add it to the total weight. For example, if your trailer weighs 2,600 lbs. fully loaded, 20% of 2,600 is 520. Add 2,600 to 520, and you get 3,120 lbs. Timbren creates axle-less suspensions capable of different weight capacities. For a 3,120 lbs. trailer, you’ll need a suspension capable of handling 3,500 lbs.

Standard or HD?

Once you’ve figured out your suspension capacity, you’ll need to choose between a standard suspension or an HD suspension. If you plan to stick to roads, then a standard axle-less suspension will be fine. On the other hand, if you’re planning on taking your trailer off-road or doing overlanding, under any capacity, then we recommend the HD suspension. The HD axle-less suspension has a more robust design and uses heavier gauge steel, which makes it more durable.

standard axle-less trailer suspension vs HD

Choosing A Spindle

Once you’ve decided on a weight class, and between standard or HD suspension, you next need to find an outboard-arm and simple configuration. To find the right spindle arm, you need to look at your tire size. Regular tires measure up to 235 millimeters, or 9.25 inches. Any tire beyond this measurement is consider a wide tire, and you’ll need a longer spindle arm to compensate.

Finally, Select A Ride Height

Different ride heaights for axle-less suspensions

There are several different options for ride height. In addition to standard height, you’ll also find options to lift or lower your trailer’s height. Timbren carries axle-less trailer suspension with a 4-inch drop, as well as 2-inch and 4-inch lift options.

Once you have all your decision made, you can pick out the axle-less suspension of your dreams! Check out our Axle-less Trailer Suspension page for all our available options