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7 Warning Signs that Say your Truck Needs a Suspension Repair

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It’s far too easy to take your truck’s suspension system for granted. I bet you hardly notice every bump, crack, and hole you run over when driving. That’s because the complex system, that is your suspension, all works together to even out the uneven road. Your suspension system consists of several components integrated together, such as your shocks, springs, and struts, and the system helps your truck travel smoothly and keeps your tires and brakes in good condition.

Your truck is quite heavy, and towing a heavy load puts wear on the suspension and eventually erodes its status from good to questionable. While your suspension does give you that “smooth ride” you’re looking for, it does a lot more for your vehicle than you may realize, because it’s an essential part of your truck.

Here is a list of the “7 Warning Signs that Say Your Truck Needs a Suspension Repair”:

1. Riding Rough

It’s easy to tell if your shocks are wearing out when every bump in the road becomes an issue. When you drive a truck that has a suspension issue, it can affect how you drive. If your truck is bouncing, skittering, or shaking over every pothole and speed bump, you may need to get your suspension checked out. Riding rough is more than an aesthetic issue; it can impact the safety of your vehicle.

2. Pulling Through Turns

If your suspension is failing, you might feel a pull when you’re making turns. As the shocks fail, your vehicle loses stability, making it difficult to stay on the road. Your vehicle needs to remain stable while turning. Steering difficulty is a sign that you require suspension repair.

3. Front-end dips while braking

If your shocks or struts are failing, you might feel the front of the vehicle lunge downward when you hit the brakes. The downward lunge can make it hard for you to stop the truck, and a damaged suspension can increase the braking time by nearly twenty percent. If you’re having problems stopping the vehicle, it could be a suspension issue.

4. Worn Tires

uneven tire wear is a sign of a bad suspension

When was the last time you took a look at your tires? The state of your tires can tell you a lot about the state of your vehicle. Worn tires can signify braking, alignment, or suspension issues. Suspiciously worn tires mean you might have a major issue on your hands.

If you notice that the tread on your tires is wearing down at an uneven pace, that can be a sign that your suspension is putting uneven pressure on your tires. This means that your truck isn’t properly distributing its weight, affecting braking, mileage, and safety. If you notice reduced or irregular wear on your tires, it’s a good idea to get suspension checked. 

5. Fluid Leakage

Shock absorbers are composed of several parts, including hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic fluid inside the shock absorber helps smooth out your ride when the vehicle hits a bump. If you notice any fluid leakage, there could be a crack in one of the shocks or pistons, and the loss of fluid means you will have to get your suspension fixed. The next time you take a look under your truck, check if your pistons or shocks are looking oily.

6. Unusual Vibrations

When the piston or valve breaks, the unregulated fluid will compromise the shock absorber. This means you will notice every bump in the road. While vibrations can also be a sign of other issues, constant and unusual vibrations paired with some of these other signs signify that your suspension has been damaged.

7. Rolling Sensation

One of your suspension's essential features is that it keeps you upright while taking corners. Your suspension system has a component called an “anti-sway bar” that keeps you properly upright. When you turn the vehicle, your failing suspension may give a rolling sensation, similar to driving a boat. Needless to say, this can be dangerous at high speeds. 

F!%) pulling boat out of water

A Good Suspension Makes A Good Life

Maintaining your suspension is important. Your suspension does more than keep your vehicle on the road; it assures that your tires, brakes, and other crucial components are functioning properly and safely. Timbren knows how important this is, and Timbren SES Kit will improve your truck’s reliability and safety when towing and hauling extra gear and material.


Written by Kathryn Fowler, Marketing Manager at PartsAvatar


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