Get it Right the First Time! (How to measure your Big Rig)

Sometimes it can be tricky choosing which Timbren SES kit will fit your big rig. However, if you know how to measure properly between frame and axle, it will remove all of the guess-work.

How to measure your big rig for the front axle

When the vehicle is unloaded, measure from frame to leaf spring. First, decide where you will position the bracket along the frame (in close proximity to the U-bolts). Then, measure from that spot down to the leaf spring. (Refer to drawing below)

Most kits designed for the front end of bigger trucks are the “universal” kind.  In other words, you can adjust the brackets to match the measurement between frame and leaf spring. Most front applications call for either part # HSR001 or HSTOO1.

How to measure your big rig for the rear axle

Most rear applications call for either the URMDH or URMDB. Both kits fit the same way with the same dimensions.

As the drawing illustrates, the bracket mounts to the side of the frame, allowing the Aeon® spring to rest on the U-bolts at all times.

Be sure there is sufficient space between frame and axle pad to allow for the bracket and Aeon® spring.