Installing the GMRTT15S Timbren SES Suspension Upgrade

Hey, my name's Andrew, and today we're gonna be installing an SES suspension upgrade on this GM 1500 truck.

Installing GMRTT15S SES Suspension Upgrade

Alright, so this is what we're gonna be installing today. It's a GMRTT15S and this is our severe service kit. This is really meant for applications like a salt spreader or a sliding camper... something that's really top-heavy. If you don't have one of those things, do not use this kit, use the regular GMRCK15S part number.

Installing GMRTT15S SES Suspension Upgrade

Alright, now this part number is really simple to install. All we got to do is first jack up the truck a little bit to give us enough space to work under there, take out the existing bump stop and then slide this guy in its place.

The only tools we need for this job are a ten-millimeter socket and a 17-millimeter socket. We got that, we're good to roll. 

Alright, so what we've already done is we've lifted up the truck, then we put a jack stand on there just for safety and lifting up the truck is just going to give us a little bit of room to get our socket in there. With the extension on there, it's kind of hard to position it in there.

And now we're going to take off the existing OEM bump stop and all we're using here is a ten-millimeter socket with an extension on it.

Installing GMRTT15S SES Suspension Upgrade

Alright, so now we've switched over from our 10-millimeter socket to our 17-millimeter socket, we've assembled all the pieces to our SES suspension upgrade here. We've got our spring, our spacer and our steel disc along with our piece of hardware here, our bolt to get it up in there. And all we got to do is just put it in the place of the old OEM bump stop. 

Alright, so you gotta find that hole and then you're just gonna want to kind of tighten it up just with your finger. Reach in there with your finger and tighten it around for a bit just so you can get it to hang at least by itself and once you go out that far you get your socket. 

You don't want to over-tighten it, you just want to make sure it's nice and snug in there okay?

Installing GMRTT15S SES Suspension Upgrade

Alright, the next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna lower the truck to see if we've got one inch of space here. We're gonna want one inch of space from the bottom of this spring to the top of the axle so that when you're emptied, and you've got nothing in the bed of your truck, you're not gonna get a harsh ride. So let's double-check that.

Installing GMRTT15S SES Suspension Upgrade

Alright, so we've lowered the truck and we see that we've got roughly one inch of space in there so that's ideal so that when you're totally empty, you're not going to get a harsh ride and now when you put it on that salt spreader or slide-in camper this guy is going to engage and start doing its work keeping your truck sitting nice and level.