Tow with Confidence with Timbren SES

Got problems with rear end squat? Does your tow vehicle lean dangerously on tight corners?

Are you afraid to go the speed limit in case your trailer tips over?

It’s time to trade your factory bump stops in for a pair of Timbren SES!

What you’ve got between frame and axle was never meant to correct rear end sag and squat. Your factory bump stops prevent metal from hitting metal. That’s it…

Notice the difference in size between a bump stop (on the left) and an SES kit (on the right).

The Timbren SES is designed to sit much closer to the axle as you can see clearly in the next photo

Install a set of Timbren SES and experience the difference. Feel what it’s like to have a truck that’s level and stable all the time.

What have you got?

  • Back end squat? Gone!
  • Road shock? Gone!
  • Poor handling? Gone!


Jack H. from Northern Ontario says:

“Some of the roads up here aren’t the greatest. Most are full of potholes. I never realized how great the ride could be until I installed a set of Timbren SES.

“The roads that used to beat my truck to death seem a lot smoother now… just like after a big road grader comes through and fills in all the holes!”

The guys at Clicoutdoor say:

“Whether we’re towing with our Nissan Titan or our Toyota Tundra, Timbren SES has been a game-changer. They have reduced all sag and help the tow rigs gain maximum control. After a year with SES, we could never go back.”

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Find out how easy it is to tame rough road conditions. See for yourself how simple it can be to eliminate back-end squat and improve handling.